Hot sale! JUNON switch and socket ----Curve series

- May 25, 2019-

Hot sale! JUNON switch and socket ----Curve series

Fashion trends change with each passing day, but classic curves remain timeless. Smooth lines outline the beauty of the world. The yearning for the classic has finally became a reality.

Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. One of the most popular manufacturer for the switch socket, distribution box, LED light and circuit breaker. Keeping this classic alive with action, then Curve series switch socket was born.


Switch curve series, she is graceful and elegant, 360 ° 3D circular arc design, fashionable, beautiful and tactile. Ultra-thin design pushes the envelop, the thickness of the arc surface is only 4.5mm. Steel-plastic integrated support design, further enhance the hardness of the support.

More reliable installation, two switch indicating modes, LED (blue)/fluorescent (green) indication.Real material • safe and durable,PC transparent backseat.

Flame retardant high temperature resistance,pure copper terminal. 

Good electrical conductivity is not easy to rust, silver nickel alloy switch contacts.

Long life not easy arc contact reliable and no riveting integrated forming phosphor copper sleeve.

Effectively avoid product damage caused by later riveting and durable, easy to install. Multistage clasp design, it’s easy to deal with uneven wall phenomenon. Adjustable mounting hole, it’s easy to deal with the deformation of the bottom box.

Switch and socket for six colors are available, whether it is retro fashion or classic romance. All kinds of styles match at will, free combination of functional parts according to actual requirements. Gold/white options are available for practical economy.

Conjoined frame design. Neat, beautiful, effective, dustproof and easy to clean

A variety of specifications for your choice

Follow the curvaceous new model, keep abreast of changing trends.

This is JUNON Curve series switch and socket eternal successor.