High tech Motion Sensor Wall Switch

- Dec 11, 2019-

High tech Motion Sensor Wall Switch

What is the Motion Sensor Wall Switch?

In the dark, when people come, the automatic light is on, when people leave, the delay light is off

High tech motion sensor wall switch 1

High tech Motion Sensor Wall Switch, per sensor switch Product feature

1. Convenience: Light will on automatically when people in and light will off automatically when people go.

2. Saving: Zero crossing technique can extend the lifetime of the bulb.

3. Health: People no need to contact the switch to avoid the public contagion.

4. Energy saving: Do not forget to switch off the light and waste of electricity.


Applicable scope:

Public automatic illumination, stair passageway, corridor, fire exit, balcony, garage, entrance garden and other place requiring automatic illumination.

Schematic diagram of motion sensor wall switch

High tech motion sensor wall switch 2

1. In the daytime or when the light is bright, if someone passes by, the light will not be on

2. At night, when no one passes by, the light doesn't come on

3. When someone passes by at night, the light will turn on automatically.

4. At night, the light goes out automatically 16-360 seconds (Can set )after people leave

How to choose Motion Sensor Wall Switch:

Motion Sensor Wall Switch in addition to appearance and color,

Type: surface or flush

Internal: two-wire or three-wire system

Wire installationConnect wirePower available
Two-wireOnly live wire

220 V live wire into switch;

Output live wire to light.
The band power is small, can't connect the light belt
Three-wireNeutral wire and live wire

220 V live line and zero line are both into the switch;

Output live wire to light.
High power, compatible with all kinds of loads


If you have installed the line, please check the distribution of the original switch live line and Neutral line, and then decide whether to choose the two-wire system or the three wire system.

Pay Attention about Installation

1. Try to install it in an open place in the sensing area to avoid the shielding of walls, doors and windows, etc., so as not to affect the sensing effect. (Note: the switch cannot penetrate the obstacle)

2. The switch shall be installed as far as possible in the direction of people walking, and the sensing distance on the opposite side is the farthest.

3. It is not recommended to install it outdoors or close to the opposite side of air conditioner / electric fan. Try to avoid direct sunlight and direct wind, resulting in the wrong start of infrared induction switch products.

4. Try to avoid installation near large-scale electromagnetic radiation equipment (such as radio, and antenna)


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