Here's How You can Choose A LED light That Saves Money

- Jan 04, 2020-

Here's How You can Choose A LED light That Saves Money

When you’re setting up your dream home you want to have the best appliances & fittings. The right lighting can help decorate your home in style, bring life to lesser-used rooms, and even help small spaces appear bigger, while all the while saving on your electricity bills. Let’s see exactly how you can do it.


1) Find Out Which Lights You Use The Most In Your Home

First of all, make a proper count of how many lights you have in your home. Make note of what kind of lights they are as well. Count how many tube lights, how may bulbs, and how many smaller lights. Make sure you count all the small table lamps and other lights too. At the same time find out how many watts or how much electricity they use per hour. The watt rating will also be useful at a later stage when you need to decide how bright your home needs to be. Now that you have all this information, do the math. Calculate how much each of those lights cost, and how much they add to your electricity bill over their lifetime. You will find that some lights increase the bill because they use more electricity or you use them more often.


2) You Can Choose the Color That Suits Your Home Unlike Incandescent Bulbs

Now that you’ve understood how to check for the brightness of a LED, it’s time to understand how the warmth or feeling of light matters. Yellow lights lend a warmer, cosier feel to a room while bright white ones make them lively and full of energy. And it’s more than the feel of the room you’re looking for. On the range of yellow to white to blue, yellow LEDs emit less heat while blue release the most heat. Consider this while deciding the color of LEDs you might want. Whatever the choice, an LED light produces far less heat than an incandescent bulb for every lumen.


3) You Can Even Choose the Exact Shape & Size To Match The Requirement

The shape and size of an LED are important too. You will be familiar with most of the light fixtures around your home, and so will know what shape and size are appropriate most of the time. However, some items such as table lamps might have oddly shaped bulb sockets or not enough space for a bigger bulb. Carry your current bulb along while shopping to make sure you get the correct fit. In the process of switching over to LEDs, also remember that certain closed spaces are not ideal for LEDs, and you must avoid installing LEDs is fully enclosed light fixtures as they can cause the LEDs to fail.

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