Ground Socket wiring teaching

- Mar 23, 2020-

Ground Socket wiring teaching


What is suitable for cold winter days? Of course, three or five friends gather to eat hot pot, there is nothing more suitable than hot pot in winter. But when you eat hot pot at home, the plug wire is not long enough, which is also very annoying, so JUNON recommends you use it "ground socket".

Ground socket wiring teaching 1


This is a product that is very suitable for installation in the dining room. It properly solves the problem of the not long enough wire when eat hot pot. It has two types: fast-elastic and slow-elastic. Mostly used on T stage, conference room, home improvement movie theater, etc. I will show the installation and wiring of this product.

Wiring diagram

First, dig a groove matching the bottom box, knock down the knockout hole of the bottom box, and put the line into the bottom box.


Then, connect the live wire (red) in the line to the 【L end】 of the ground socket, the neutral wire (blue) to the 【N end】, and the ground wire to the 【ground wire mark end】. Tighten the screws and check if the wiring is loose.

Ground socket wiring teaching 2

Ground socket wiring teaching 3

Ground socket wiring teaching 4

After wiring is completed, open the socket board. At this time, you will see the hole on the left and right sides of the socket board. Align this hole with the connection hole of the bottom box pre-buried in the floor, and fix it with screws. Finally, the power was tested and the wiring was successful.


Install a ground socket in the dining room that is Beautiful and decent, and it is convenient to put away when not in use. It is such a delightful winter baby. Who doesn't want it? Everybody hurriedly installs a ground socket in home, and invite friends to come to the party for a hot pot.

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