Good partner of switch socket-mounting box

- Dec 14, 2020-

Good partner of switch socket-mounting box


What is mounting box?

In the construction engineering or all kinds of decoration construction, the junction cassette is a necessary electrical auxiliary tool.

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Function and Application

There is a certain difference between the junction cassette and the junction box. The junction box is mainly used for the installation of various switches, sockets and other electrical wiring panels. In order to keep the building surface clean and beautiful, the junction cassette generally needs to be embedded and installed.

It can also play the role of connecting wires, transition of various electrical circuits, and protecting the safety of lines.


Model and material

There are 86, 120, octagonal and other special function cassette. There are also some hidden electrical cabinet, also known as the wiring cassette.

And the junction cassette is also divided into metal material and PVC material and so on. During construction, different materials of cassette shall be selected according to different environment.

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1, Type 86, the cassette size is about 80mm * 80mm, and the panel size is about 86mm * 86mm. It is one of the most used junction cassette. It can be widely used in various buildings and decoration. The 86mm switch and socket is also divided into single box and double boxes (composed of two or more single boxes).

There are 120 / 60 and 120 / 120 wiring types.

2, the size of 120 / 60 cassette is about 114mm * 54mm, and the panel size is about 120mm * 60mm.

3, the size of 120 / 120 cassette is about 114mm * 114mm. The panel size is about 120mm * 120mm.

4, Octagonal cassette is usually used for the transition of building lamp cap circuit. There are eight "horns", commonly known as the octagonal box.