Gold Color of JUNON P Series Switch & Socket

- Jul 04, 2019-

Gold Color of JUNON P Series Switch & Socket

From time immemorial, gold has always been a symbol of value. It is a symbol of noble and luxurious existence. But because of it, gold is no longer a simple hue, it's a classic legacy.

P series switch & socket-- gold color

Combining fashion trends abandon the traditional golden tacky. Show a different golden legend, super board design, diffuse local gold color charm, and with fashion, beautiful, comfortable. Like a luxurious European home dress gorgeous high-end luxury. Combined with modern advanced UV processing, full paint film, highlight the effect of bright surface, strong UV resistance, easy to age and change, durable, and anti-scratch ability is strong.

Gold Color of JUNON P Series Switch&Socket1

Brand new one to four big board switches, Using Tyla-type structural wiring. Innovative V-shaped terminals, can connect 6 mm² and 1.5 mm² single core wire at the same time, Just as strong.       P Series Switch & Socket --- Gold Color

Will pass on this classic and continue this value to run this legend.

Gold Color of JUNON P Series Switch&Socket2


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Gold Color of JUNON P Series Switch&Socket3