Foot light are loved by the elderly

- Nov 29, 2019-

Foot light are loved by the elderly

Foot light are loves by yhe elderly 1

What is foot light?
The foot light should be called the wall light in the field of lighting. The light source usually used is energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp, suitable for installing at 0.3M place from the ground indoors. With the advancement of technology, LED lamps are currently used as their illumination source. It emits softer light, no radiation, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, low temperature rise, long life, low power consumption, and is used for a small amount of activity at night.


What is the role of the foot light?
When going to the bathroom in the evening, if you open the ordinary lights, it will affect the rest of the people, but the foot lights will not. The general hospital wards are also available, and it is also suitable for squares, gardens, street lighting, etc.


What are the advantages of the foot light?
1. LED light source has a long life, no accidents, almost no need to change the bulb, once construction, used for several years.
2. Low power consumption, no need to pay high electricity bills for lighting and beautification.
3. Waterproof, dustproof, pressure resistant and corrosion resistant.


There are two kinds of foot lights: light control foot lights and sensor foot lights. For the elderly, the sensor foot lights will be more in line with their values, they are more willing to use.

Foot light are loves by yhe elderly 2

          Light control foot light                      Sensor foot light


How do you choose a sensor footlight?
1. Focus on brand quality.
Should choose the products of the big brand, the quality is guaranteed, and it is safe and practical, and the pre-sales and after-sales service is perfect, such as JUNON Electric. Its new Lj series of foot lights are very popular among consumers.


2. Choosing the color and style which should be in line with the style of the space.

The appearance of Lj series foot light adopts the fashion big board design, the human body sensor setting is energy-saving, and the four colors are optional, so it can easily match various decoration styles.


3. Choose the right location to install.

As the name suggests, sensor foot light is that when the human body enter the sensing range of the sensor, the system will turn on the light, which is very convenient. It is more suitable to install in the corridor, room, toilet and kitchen.

Foot light are loves by yhe elderly 3