FAQ especially for the circuit breaker and switch

- May 20, 2019-

FAQ especially for the circuit breaker and switch

1. Q:  If a group of lines are energized and the power is leaky, is there any equipment that can quickly detect the location of the leakage?
A: At present, there is no device that can directly detect where the electricity leaks. It can only be checked, that is, turn off all the electrical appliances, and then hit the leakage circuit breaker, and then turn on the electrical appliances one by one, which will bump into which will have leakage.

2. Q: What's with the leak circuit breaker and sometimes the sudden trip?
A: In the course of use, the sudden jump to see whether the blue indicator button of the leakage circuit breaker bounces, and the bounce indicates that there is leakage; The second leakage indicator button did not bounce, but the switch trip, check whether the circuit breaker model is small, or wet weather, the quality of the wire insulation is not very good, it will also cause leakage, so that the switch trip.

3. Is the fluorescent bar on the switch made of fluorescent powder, can there be radiation?
Fluorescent bar is the use of ABS materials to add fluorescent agents, and the outside of the type of fluorescent rod in the fluorescent powder, is not radiation. And our switch, fluorescent bar is very sealant, so we haven't found any leakage problem yet.

4 Can you control one lamp in three places and only need two one-bit double-controlled switches and one one-bit multi-controlled switch to achieve it?
Yes, for details, please check our coming switch connection teaching video of JUNON School.


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