Engineer’s answer | small problems for installation

- Apr 25, 2019-

During the renovation

Have you ever had these problems?

Don't know how to solve it?

You don't want to pay for an electrician to help

But it's uncomfortable if you do not fix it

It doesn't matter

JUNON lecture will have engineer to answer the questions

Difficulties and miscellaneous diseases in home decoration


The first phase

Let's check the problems first

Q1: I have installed a switch, but it need to be pressed hard, otherwise, it will not work. Is there a problem with that switch?

A: Maybe during the installation, the screws are too tight. You can loosen them a little but ensure that the panel does not deform. Try it again when the top cover is fixed in place then you will see it will be ok.  

Q2: Why is the moving contract uneven after the switch is installed?

A: Because the user installs the screw too hard, causes the middle part of the switch to sink badly, the support has been deformed. The user can loosen the screw to solve the problem.

Q3: The switch we just bought has bounced back. Is it a quality problem?

A: the user can tear open the package, check whether the top cover is buckled in place, and then try again, because the top end of the package will rebound when by pressed, and the top frame will also rebound when loosened by external force of transportation.

Q4: What is the difference between the 13 Amp Multifunction Socket With Switch and the 13A 3 Pin Socket With Switch?

A: the 13 Amp Multifunction Socket With Switch can be used for many kinds of plugs, the British standard plug can be used also. But 13A 3 Pin Socket With Switch only can use British standard plug.

Q6: Can my router be connected directly to the switch module and then connected the lines to each room?

A: If your router has an open routing function, it can connect to the switch module, but if it doesn't, it can only connect to the routing module.

This is the end of the engineer's solution session

The problems that can be solved are small cases

But problems that are not solved can become big problems

Let's solve our household problems together

Welcome to a happy new life


--- END ---