Electrical Questions & Answers

- Jun 15, 2019-

Electrical Questions & Answers

With over 36-year experience, we're one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Now lets JUNON switch & socket company solve the bellows questions.

1. Excuse me, the earth pole of the three-pole socket, go directly to the ground, do not detect the grounding resistance, in case the leakage protector does not work, is such grounding useful? There are also cases where a building is connected to the ground and if there is a common ground, whether other users also have electricity.

Electrical Questions&Answers

Answer: socket earth pole is to prevent electrical appliance metal shell accidental electric shock, if the ground is normal, the electric appliance housing potential is always with the earth equivalent potential, the person has no electric shock risk, at this time if the leakage protection works normally, will trip to warn the ground leakage. If the grounding pole is poorly grounded, the human body is grounded when the person touches the charged shell. At this time, the person is electrocuted and the leakage protection trip protects personal safety. If the leakage protection fails, the person may be electrocuted.

Electrical Questions&Answers1

2. What does this picture mean?

Answer: An electric meter plus a unipolar 40A is empty and open in a meter box.

3. 4 square copper wire connect with how many amperes MCB is more suitable?

Electrical Questions&Answers2

Answer: 25A

4. Can all the terminals of the distribution box be connected to 10 square mm  of wire?

A: Yes.

Electrical Questions&Answers3

5. For a 2P 63A leakage circuit breaker takes a 13 unit distribution box, how many circuits can be pulled out at most?

A: The 2P 63A leakage circuit breaker occupies 4 units , and it can also be equipped with 9 single-pole MCB , that is, up to 9 branches.


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