Downlight VS Spotlight

- Sep 16, 2019-

Downlight VS Spotlight

Many people get confused about the spotlight and down light. they do not know what is the difference between a spotlight and a down light, or how to use in Home Lighting, or the difference of the lighting effects between them.

Simply put, down light is a focus lamp relative to the exposed lights, usually use for general lighting and additional lighting. But the effect of the light focus of the Spotlight is much better than the down light, the light go through in a certain direction as you want. It leads the spotlight is use for many special lighting, such as light up the important point or interesting place.

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Downlight VS Spotlight2

Then, How to distinguish between them?

1. for the light source, the one for the down light can be Incandescent bulbs or Energy-saving bulbs. The light color of the Incandescent bulbs is yellow and the Energy-saving bulbs light color is white or yellow. The light direction of the ceiling lamp can not be changed.

In home lighting, the light source of spotlight is quartz bulbs or LED. And the light color of the quartz bulbs is yellow. You can change the light of the spotlight to any direction.

2. about the Installation Position, we usually mount the down lights into the ceiling. It is a best choice to install the down light near the pendant lamp, the light is more softer than the spotlight.

They are many ways to install the spotlights, such as the track-way mounting, the Embedded and so on. Most of the spotlight install with a transformer. The spotlight is used for highlighting a special place, such as the Fresco, the decorations and so on…

3. last one, in same class, the spotlight is more expensive than the down light.


Spotlights or Downlights?

Spotlights operate in a similar way to downlights, but are usually surface mounted. Spotlights are ideal for directing light onto specific objects such as cabinets or picture frames and can be used when recess mounting is not an option. Spotlights can be supplied any many variations and designs, ranging from individuals to twin, triple or quad spotlights mounted on a matching plate track. Triple or quad spotlights are often used as the sole source of light in living rooms or kitchens etc.

When a larger amount of spotlights are required, or for commercial purposes like shops, a track lighting system can be used. This allows a row of spotlights to be positioned along a length of lighting track, the spotlights can be moved around at anytime to suite the environment.


We JUNON can provide you different kinds of downlight and spotlight which can meet your different kinds of demand. Welcome to check more details in our product column.

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