Do not use these cleaners in cleaning switch sockets

- Sep 05, 2020-

Do not use these cleaners in cleaning switch sockets


Heavy oil cleaning kitchen, toilet cleaner, ceramic tile cleaner, glue remover... These common cleaners can be good helpers for household cleaning

But not for cleaning switch sockets! Why is that?


From the material analysis, the main material used in the switch socket is polycarbonate (PC). As a switch socket panel, PC has strong mechanical performance, excellent electrical performance, easy processing and many other advantages. However, it is easy to be eroded by organic solvents. The ingredients mentioned above contain organic solvents and should not be used.


Clean the correct way of switch socket!

1. The way we clean the socket is very simple, just use the toothpaste.


2. Firstly, we need to squeeze the toothpaste above the socket, then find an old toothbrush and scrub and wipe it with the toothbrush. Then we will find that the dirt on it will be easily removed.


3, in fact, in addition to the socket, some switches in the home or electrical appliances on the small stains, you can use this method to clean.


Can be said this tip very effective and simple, but also to ensure security, after wiping will become as new. In addition, I also want to tell you that toothpaste can also be used to clean our silver necklace, is also very useful.

Do not use these cleaners in cleaning switch socket


JUNON UV - coated switch sockets

JUNON's switch socket is available in a variety of colors, and the luxury gold is finished with a UV metallic finish that is not only shinier and brighter than normal, it also resists UV rays and keeps the surface from yellowed.

The UV coating also provides upgraded protection and easily passes a 4H hardness test. The point is that the smooth surface is very easy to clean and does not accumulate dust.