Do not have these problems in the distribution box installation.

- Feb 24, 2019-

If you do not pay attention to these small details during the installation of the distribution box, it may delay the big event!

Question 1: The distribution box did not check after entering the site

Consequences: After the distribution box is not inspected, it will happen during the installation. For example, there is no special grounding bolt for the second layer, the grounding section is small, the connection between the wire and the appliance is not strong, and there is a reverse circle phenomenon. There are no problems with card cabinets and electrical road maps, equipment layout, and unreasonable intervals. If they are modified, it will seriously affect the construction period and affect product quality.

Solution: Communicate with the manufacturer when ordering the distribution box, let the manufacturer know what kind of distribution box they want, and ask the manufacturer to make samples. After the acceptance is passed, the manufacturer is required to carry out mass production; And when the product enters the factory, the census is strictly in accordance with the standard, and the installation is confirmed after passing the confirmation.

Problem 2: The wood used in the distribution box is not flame retardant

Consequences: If the distribution box is used in an environment such as damp and dust, the wood is very perishable and causes electric leakage. In addition, the wooden box is not treated by flame retardant, and it is very easy to cause fire and affect the surrounding environment.

Solution: In order to ensure safe use, the wood used in the wiring box must be flame retardant.

Question 3: The installation of the distribution box is not strong enough, and the elevation does not meet the requirements. When concealed, the panel cannot be close to the wall.

Consequences: The elevation of the distribution box installation does not meet the requirements, the installation is not firm, the cabinet is not vertical, and the edge of the panel does not stick to the wall when it is concealed, which affects the function of use, and the perception is not good.

Solution: The elevation of the distribution box should meet the design requirements. When designing the standard, the standard height of the bottom of the distribution box from the ground should be 1.5 meters.