Distribution box ten do not and related impacts and solutions (2)

- Oct 22, 2018-

Do not four: lighting distribution box, the electrical equipment and instruments in the (board) are not installed securely, uneven, and the spacing does not meet the requirements.

Impact: The electrical tools and instruments in the lighting distribution box (board) are not installed securely, flattened, and have insufficient spacing, which affects the safety of use.

Solution: The electric tools and instruments on the lighting distribution box (board) should be installed firmly, flat and clean, the spacing should be uniform, the copper terminals are not loose, the opening and closing is flexible, and the parts are complete.

Do not five: the lighting distribution box (board) is not installed firmly, the elevation does not meet the requirements, when the concealed, the edge of the panel does not close to the wall.

Impact: The elevation of the lighting distribution box (board) installation does not meet the requirements, the installation is not strong, the cabinet is not vertical, and the edges of the panel are not close to the wall when concealed, which affects the function of use, and the perception is not good.

Plan: The elevation should meet the design requirements. When the design is not specified, the height of the bottom of the lighting distribution box should be 1.5m. The height of the bottom margin of the lighting switchboard should be 1.8m.

The lighting distribution box (board) should be installed firmly. The allowable deviation of the installation verticality should not exceed 3mm. When concealing, there should be no gap around the distribution box. The surrounding edges of the panel should be close to the wall, and the cabinet should be in contact with buildings and structures. Apply anti-corrosive paint to the parts.

Do not six: the wiring of the wire in the floor-standing distribution box is too low

Impact: The wire pipe mouth laid in the floor-standing power distribution box is too low, so it is easy to make water and debris enter the pipe and reduce the insulation strength of the wire.

Solution: The wire protection tube in the floor-standing distribution box should be 50-80mm higher than the base of the distribution box. The pipes should be arranged neatly and the nozzles should be flared.