Distribution box (electrical equipment) knowledge

- Dec 04, 2020-

Distribution box (electrical equipment) knowledge


The distribution box is a large number of parameters in the data. Generally, it constitutes a low-voltage electrical wiring, it is required to assemble switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet or screen to form a low-voltage power distribution box. During normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off by means of manual or automatic switches.

Distribution box electrical equipment knowledge                                              



The distribution box has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, special technical performance, fixed location, unique configuration function, not restricted by the site, common application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, small footprint and environmental protection effect.

It is the control center that directs various components in the power supply line to reasonably distribute electrical energy. It is the control link that reliably receives the upper power supply and correctly feeds the load electrical energy. It is also the key to obtaining users' satisfaction with the power supply quality. Improving the operational reliability of power distribution boxes is the goal of creating high-quality projects.


The purpose of the distribution box: reasonable distribution of electric energy, convenient for the opening and closing of the circuit. It has a high level of safety protection and can visually display the conduction state of the circuit. It is easy to manage and facilitates maintenance when a circuit failure occurs.



There are two types of commonly used distribution boxes that are made of wood and metal. Because metal distribution boxes have a higher protection level, metal ones are more used.



There are two types of distribution box structures

1. Welding structure: Simply cut, bend, open holes and then weld the sheet metal parts.

2. Assembling structure: the sheet metal parts are processed separately. Each part is processed and then assembled, and locked with screws and tees. It has a beautiful appearance and simple operation, which can save a lot of transportation costs.