Distribution boards

- Nov 16, 2020-

Distribution boards

distribution board

A distribution board is the prime source of power supply at your home and should be switched off immediately in terms of electric fluctuations or any other electrical hazard. They must be regularly inspected by electrical experts to ensure hassle-free power supply and safety.

Below 10 tips for your reference:

1. The unoccupied opening/s of distribution boards must be covered with a blanking plate.

2. A distribution board must not be installed anywhere where there is a frequent tendency of getting in contact with water.

3. Distribution boards should not be installed anywhere around a fixed cooking appliance.

4. Distribution boards must be protected from corrosion.

5. A distribution board, when installed, should be in accordance with the environment in which it operates.

6. It is advisable not to install distribution board 2200mm above the floor.

7. The distribution board should be installed only by an expert professional.

8. The wires in the distribution board must not hang outside the board.

9. Distribution boards you’re using must be according to your need and must not exceed the number of connections over than the limited configuration of the board.

10. There should be a safety sign near a distribution board if possible.

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