Difference between down light and spot light

- Aug 21, 2020-

Difference between down light and spot light

We usually use all kinds of lamp to decorate our homes ,and "down light" "spot light" they are two kinds of common lamps .Both look similar in appearance, but in fact they are quite different.


Down light VS Spot light

Let us see how different they are:

Difference between down light and spot light

1. Difference one: light source is different

Generally speaking, the source direction of down light is fixed and cannot be adjusted, the light is relatively downy. And the source direction of spot light can be able to adjust arbitrarily, use to highlight aesthetic effect, highlight administrative levels, make good atmosphere, not only can overall lighting ,but also can local lighting.


2. Difference two: different lighting concentrated

Compared of them, the light from down light is more uniform and the irradiation area is wider, while the light from spot light is more concentrated and limited in the irradiation area.


3. Difference three: different uses

The down light is usually used in home outfit auxiliary or general illumination, the light is soft and comfortable. When decorate a down light, also need to consider the spacing and uniformity of the lamps. While the spot light is usually used to highlight a particular object, can make an object more textured, usually used in commercial stores or exhibition area, also has used in home decoration, but also have local lighting and decorative usage.


When we make clear how the different between down light and spot light above, we knows how to choose the suitable light .When selecting lights, beside how to distinguish the light types, how to choose the brand is also important. Not all suppliers are with good reputation and good products. The most important thing is that JUNON is with more than 36 years Production experience which is trusty. JUNON’s down light is uniform luminous, energy saving and environmental protection. JUNON’ spot light is elegant and simple fashion.