Buyer Show: P Series Switch & Sockets

- Aug 25, 2019-

Buyer Show: P Series Switch & Sockets

Foshan Shunde Taohui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has strong financial strength and will continue to deepen the real estate industry to the Pearl River Delta region, and successively develop many Shunde town & Street plot projects, which has rich experience in development. Duplex apartments are all have their own fine decoration. And come in a variety of styles.


Sweet girl INS style

The design of the whole house wall is pink, full of girls' hearts, satisfying the illusion of the residents, and the decoration style is very suitable for living with girlfriends or living alone.


The small open kitchen is simple in design, and it is extremely practical to put on the two pin & three pin sockets. If the exhaust fan is installed at the window sill position, the air circulation effect is better and the residents are more satisfied.

Buyer show P series switch and socket1


Another important point is that a three gang switch should be installed in the aisle to the toilet, to control the lights of the corridor and the aisle to prevent stepping on the air and ensure safety.

Buyer show P series switch and socket2


The bathroom is mainly simple and white, perfect for the girl's tone of the whole house. Intimately install a two pin & three pin sockets under the mirror to facilitate the insertion of the hair dryer to blow the hair, but it is recommended to install a socket waterproof cover. If the water heater is installed indoors, remember to install a suitable high-power socket to ensure normal operation.


Mediterranean fresh air style

This is another new room layout. The whole house is based on blue, white, yellow and gray, which forms a fresh Mediterranean decoration style. It is transparent and bright, good lighting.


The first floor is a combination of open kitchen and living room. The kitchen design saves space in the corner position. Several two pin & three pin sockets are installed on the wall to facilitate heating of the ingredients. A three gang multi-control switch should also be installed near the door. It is convenient to turn off the lights of the whole house when entering and leaving the house, saving energy and electricity.

Buyer show P series switch and socket3


The bedroom design is dominated by warm yellow, white and gray, and the atmosphere is soft. There are switches outside and inside the door to control the lighting of the corridor and the room. It is convenient. Although the space is not big, it is basically enough for the bedroom. Remember to install more switch & sockets at the head of the bed.

Buyer show P series switch and socket4