Basic knowledge of switch & socket 2

- Aug 28, 2020-

Basic knowledge of switch & socket 2


1. Product classification of switch & socket

(1) Powerful products

   1) Switch: ①Mechanical switch, such as: One gang one way switch,

45A double-pole switch

             ②Electronic switch,  such as: Sensor switch

   2) Socket, such as: British socket, European socket

(2) Weak current products, such as:  TV socket, Data socket


The concept of strong electricity and weak electricity: strong and weak electricity is distinguished by the safe voltage of the human body. Voltages above 36V are called strong electricity, and weak electricity refers to voltages below 36V. Telephone socket, computer socket, and network data socket belong to the weak current category.


2. Development of switch products
Button size: thumb type button, middle button, big button

Material: it’s from the early bakelite powder and ABS to the current PC materials. The role of the switch has evolved from the initial single-function type to the decorative and intelligent type.


3. Types of mechanical switch

(1) Single pole switch

(2) Double pole switch

(3) Intermediate switch


4, Dual control switch (two way switch)

Basic knowledge of switch and socekt 1

Simple use wiring diagram of dual control switch


The dual-control switch can control a light at two points upstairs and downstairs (or inside or outside), eliminating the need for you to repeatedly walk back and forth, making your home's electricity use more reasonable, stylish and safer.


5, Intermediate switch (multi-control switch):

Basic knowledge of switch and socekt 2

The wiring diagram of more points control one point of intermediate switch


The intermediate switch can realize multi-point control of load lights in corridors or suites, and the control points can be added or subtracted at will, so that your home can experience the quality of scientific and technological life, which is more reasonable and fashionable, safer and more reliable.


6, Electronic switch

(1) Light dimmer and Fan regulator

Basic knowledge of switch and socekt 3

Principle: Adjust the conduction angle of the thyristor through a mechanical potentiometer to adjust the voltage at both ends of the load, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the brightness of the light.
Load type: Dimmer switch is used for resistive load (that is, incandescent lamp load)


(2) Sensor switch

Load type: only for incandescent bulbs

Sensing range: as shown

Basic knowledge of switch and socekt 4



After turning on the power for the first time, it takes about 2 minutes to warm up the switch to be in a controlled state;

Do not install the product in places where hot and cold air inlets and outlets and exposed to strong light.