At critical moments, Emergency Switch plays a big role

- Jun 10, 2020-

At critical moments, Emergency Switch plays a big role

At critical moments, emergency switch plays a big role 1

The emergency switch is a commonly used control electrical component, commonly used to turn on or off the “control circuit” (the current is very small), so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the operation of the motor or other electrical equipment.


When we encounter an emergency or need help, press the emergency switch button, it will sound an alarm and serve as a warning. This emergency switch is mostly used in toilets, bedrooms, hospitals, nursing homes and other places. Installed in private spaces such as the bedroom and bathroom of the elderly, to prevent the elderly from emergencies that no one knows about; it can also be installed at the head of the bed, so that nurses can help patients in time.

What is the difference between this emergency switch and ordinary button switch?

1. The emergency switch button has a self-locking function, which needs to be opened with a key to release the alarm signal to ensure that the user's needs are answered. And the normal switch we normally use can be opened by pressing, and then press to restore the state, the warning effect is not as strong as the emergency switch;

2. The internal structure of the emergency switch is relatively simple, using a small load of 3A. The ordinary switch uses a large load of 10A or 16A.

Back Comparison diagram

At critical moments, emergency switch plays a big role 4

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With an emergency switch, you don’t have to worry about the old man falling down in the bedroom and the bathroom, no one has discovered that it has caused a disaster. Equip him at home with an emergency switch, he can rest assured that you are at ease, preparedness is the best medicine to deal with accidents.