Are the LED T8 Tube and T5 Tube Interchangeable?

- Jul 10, 2019-

Are the LED T8 Tube and T5 Tube Interchangeable?

JUNON T5 tube and T8 tube have different diameters so they are not usually interchangeable. Dimension difference: T8 tube size 26mm, T5 tube size 16mm, T5 tube diameter smaller. 

T5 tube and T8 tube Differences in Brightness and Energy Conservation:

Because the diameter of T5 tube is much smaller than that of T8 and T12 tube, the elastic collision probability between inert gas atoms filled in the lamp tube and electrons is higher and the energy loss is smaller, which is also beneficial to the improvement of light efficiency. Because the inert gas is a unique inert mixture, it can not only better protect the cathode of the lamp tube and help the lamp take-off, but also properly reduce the inflatable pressure of the lamp tube. To further improve the light flux output of the lamp tube. Therefore, although the power of the lamp is lower, the total luminous flux has not decreased, so the light efficiency of the lamp has been improved, that is to say, T5 is brighter and more energy-saving than T8.

T5 tube and T8 tube Differences in length:

The average T5 lamp tube is 5cm shorter than T8 lamp tube (the length is different, the interface is also different), so we need to fully consider the size of the lamp tube, if the previous lamp plate is used for energy-saving transformation of T8 lamp plate using LED, you can directly replace the LED T8 lamp tube, if you want to change the T5 lamp tube more energy-saving, you need to add a conversion bracket to install it. However, please note that if you use the T5 lamp disc for energy-saving transformation, you can not replace the LED T8 lamp tube, because this can’t be installed, unless you change the lamp disc, but the cost is too high, you can only use the LED T5 lamp tube for replacement.

Are the LED T8 tube and T5 tube interchangeable0


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