Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Factory

- Aug 12, 2020-

Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Factory


Everyone can grow from the shared answers in each issue. Recently electrician & plumber consulting electronic products more, and I will answer them one by one below.


01. The computer logo on the front of this data socket is reversed. Can't tell which one is the first?
Answer: For this, we only need to look at the icons on the back and choose a group to connect the wires in the order of Numbers and colors. For example, the wiring sequence of Group A is: 1-white-green; 2-green; 3-white-orange; 4-blue; 5-white-blue; 6-orange; 7-white-brown; 8-brown.

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02. Isn't the fan of the V20 Deluxe Multimedia Box smart? Will turn when the temperature of cabinet reaches 40 degrees? Why does the fan turn as soon as the switch is turned on?
Answer: There are two modes of smart fan: one is automatic mode, the fan will turn when the cabinet temperature reaches 40 degrees; the other is fully open mode, which will keep turning after power is connected.

Just turn the small switch to “Auto”.

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03. If the smart fan in the multimedia box keeps on all the time, how long is its service life?
Answer: Generally, it can be maintained at 30000 hours.

04. I install two sensor switches, and why it doesn't respond until I get close to the sensor switch? Is there any problem?
Answer: According to the picture, the installation position of the sensor switch is not appropriate. The sensing angle of the sensor switch is within the range of 120 degrees, and the sensor switch will not respond until people walk into the sensing area.


To summarize for everyone, where should the sensor switch be installed?

The principle of the operation of the sensor switch is that the lens senses the moving infrared rays of the human body, and then is converted into weak electrical signal by the probe, and the weak electrical signal is amplified by the control circuit to control the switch.

The sensing angle of sensor switch is 120 degrees, that is, people need to walk to the sensing area, then the sensor switch feel the human body temperature to react. Users need to choose to install the sensor switch on the wall under the stairs or on the ceiling (recommended installation height within 3 meters) according to their actual needs. The sensor switch can automatically turn on the light when people walk to the sensing area.

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