Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company【11】

- Mar 16, 2020-

Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company【11】


British writer Hamuel Smiles once said that "practical knowledge can only be learned through personal experience", but there is a practical knowledge that can be gained without personal experience.

That is the knowledge in the "Electrician Note" platform of JUNON Electrical, so that old electricians can learn more about professional technology and accumulate achievements through examples. As the years go by, experience is slowly accumulating. Let us break the fog together.

1. Can the sensor switch achieve the dual control?

Answer: It can be used in stairwells, but it cannot achieve dual control functions. Because the working principle is different, the dual-control of human control requires position and time. The induction delay time of the human sensor switch is preset by the switch, unless the person is always active.

Sensor switch for stairs application diagram

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2. Is the light dimmer suitable for the LED lights?

Answer: Not applicable.

Light dimmer Application Diagram

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3. Why did the new water heater trip within minutes?
Answer: Perhaps the user did not choose a large amperage socket.

Normally, the general switch & socket is difficult to meet the high-power water heater. A 16A special socket is required to ensure safety.

16A socket + water heater application diagram

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4. The electric lamp has a short circuit condition. The miniature circuit breaker has not tripped, but the residual-current circuit breaker has tripped. Why?

Answer: The leakage switch itself also has a short-circuit protection function. The short-circuit protection is required to operate within 0.1 seconds. If the short-circuit current reaches the operating values of miniature circuit breaker and residual-current circuit breaker at the same time, there may be the miniature circuit breaker trip, or the residual-current circuit breaker trip, or two all trip.

Residual-current circuit breaker application diagram

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