Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company【10】

- Mar 15, 2020-

Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company【10】


Familiar routine, unfamiliar problems, JUNON's "Electrician Note" is here again. Today is still the editor to answer the previous message.


1. My home's sensor switch can only be sensed when it is nearly 50 cm away. What causes it?
Answer: The human body sensor switch is easily affected by the installation environment. According to the photos of the user, the installation position is just at the corner position. There is also a wall just coming up, which will be affected by certain shielding.

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2. Why can't I access the Internet after installing the newly purchased Wall Wifi Socket?

Answer: Is there any network configuration after installing the Wall Wifi Socket? The computer or mobile phone needs to be configured to achieve Internet access. Configuration tutorial for PC version & mobile version, you can check out the previous article:“Wall WIFI with USB socket wiring teaching”and “Wall WIFI with USB socket︱Computer version configuration teaching”.

Wall Wifi Socket Application diagram

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3. The original 10A Three Pin Socket was 1.5 square. If I want to change the 16A Three Pin Socket, do I need to replace the thicker wire?
Answer: Under normal circumstances, the copper wire should not be replaced, unless it is copper-clad aluminum, it is recommended to change it, but be careful not to bring multiple sockets in series.

16A socket application diagram

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4. Can the electronic light dimmer switch control the ceiling light?
Answer: No, ordinary electronic dimming is controlled by thyristor, and the electronic solution of the required lamps is also different.

Electronic Light Dimmer application diagram

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