Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company Ⅳ

- Oct 27, 2019-

Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company Ⅳ


As long as we constantly update our knowledge and capabilities, we can provide fresh nutrients for our growth.

JUNON "Electrician Note" creates opportunities for lifelong learning for the majority of electricians, constantly upgrading and enriching their knowledge reserves, paving the way for becoming a professional electrician in the future.

What are the new problems in this issue of "Electrician Note"?

1. The middle grounding pole of the three-pole socket, go directly to the ground. Do not detect the grounding resistance, in case the leakage protector does not work, is such grounding useful? There is also the case that if one household in one building has a grounded with electricity. In the case of shared grounding, whether other users also have electricity?

Answers about JUNON Switch and socket company 1

A: The grounding pole of the socket is to prevent personal electric shock when the metal casing of the electrical appliance is accidentally charged. If the grounding is normal, the potential of the electrical appliance shell will always be equal to the earth potential, and there is no risk of electric shock. If the leakage protection works normally, it will trip to remind the earth leakage. . If the grounding pole is poorly grounded, the person will be grounded through the human body when touching the charged housing. At this time, the person is exposed to electricity and the leakage protection trips to protect the personal safety. If the leakage protection is faulty, the person may be electrocuted.


2. What does this picture mean?

Answers about JUNON Switch and socket company 2

A: A meter and a single pole 40A miniature circuit breaker are in a meter box.


3. How many amperes miniature circuit breaker are connected to the 4 square copper wire?

A: 25A.


4. Can all terminals of the distribution box be connected to 10 square wires?

Answers about JUNON Switch and socket company 3

A: Yes.


5. I would like to ask the 2P63A residual-current circuit breaker match a 13 way distribution box, how many loops can be pulled out?

Answers about JUNON Switch and socket company 4

A: 2P63A residual-current circuit breaker occupied 4 ways, and can also be equipped with 9 single pole miniature circuit breaker, that is, the most points of 9 branches out.