Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company

- Sep 27, 2019-

Answers about JUNON Switch & Socket Company

As an exchange platform, JUNON "Electrician Note" provides opportunities for the vast number of electricians to learn from each other; accumulate experience and improve their skills. Let's take a look at the last questions from plumber/ electrician and the answers from our engineers.


1. If a group of lines is energized, the leakage tripping in the process, is there any equipment that can quickly detect the leakage position?
A: At present, there is no device that can directly detect which location is leaking. It can only be checked, that is, all the electrical appliances are turned off, then the leakage switch is turned on, and then the electrical appliances are turned on one by one, and which one will trip is which is leaking.

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2. Why is the sudden trip of the leakage switch?

A: Suddenly trip during use, see if the blue indicator button of the leakage circuit breaker pops up, there is a pop-up indicating that there is leakage. The second leakage indicator button does not pop up, but the switch trips, check if the switch model is small. Or in wet weather, the insulation of the poor quality wire is not very good; it will also cause leakage and make the switch trip.


3. Does the fluorescent strip on the switch be made of phosphor, will there be radiation?

A: The fluorescent strip is a fluorescent material added by ABS material, which is different from the fluorescent powder in the fluorescent rod sold outside, and has no radiation. Moreover, the sealing of our product fluorescent strips is very good, and no phosphor leakage problem has been found yet.

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4. I would like to ask three places to control a single lamp, just only 2 pcs one gang two way switch and 1 pc one gang multi-control switch can be realized?
A: Yes, for details, please refer to the video of one gang switch wiring teaching.

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