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- Apr 22, 2019-

The more prosperous the more yearning for simple

As Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

New LJ series bezel-less switch & socket

Advocate minimalist aesthetics

Become a stream of luxury products

That's what we're looking for

switch and  socket 

First impression

1. Bezel-less panel design

Large touch area, simple and comfortable

2. Super long fluorescent strip is more visible in the dark

The LED light is off when the switch is in use and on when it is off

Easily view the light switch status

The user can find the switch in the dark

3. Side diamond design

Highlight Angle beauty 3d fashion

4. Advanced surface treatment technology

Uniform luster, aging resistance and strong ability of critical impact

5. Individual four-color selection

Rich and diverse and easy to match

Desert gold/champagne/white/matte black

switch and socket 

Adhering to the initial "core"

1. Innovative pull-up structure

The wire is not easily deformed

2. V terminal

Good electrical conductivity and large space connection

It ensures the connection of 6 square and 1.5 square single core wire at the same time

switch and socket suppliers 

3. JUNON copper wire strip

Double folded stereoscopic enclosure

Strong resistance to pressure and deformation

It can withstand torsion force up to 16KG

high quality switch  

4. Integrated design of current-carrying components

Avoid product damage caused by later riveting

best switch and socket 


Genuine materials

china socket 

Cover and the back seat

Using high quality PC material flame retardant not yellow

Take LJ sereis one gang light switch as an example

The plastic parts weigh 71.8 grams and the total weight is 79.2 grams

Compared with other brand weight advantage

More material gives a better feel

Scene graph

socket for bedroom 

See all the prosperity

Less pleasing to the eye than a wisp of black silk

JUNON LJ series  switch & socket

Paring down

Create a new realm of exquisite life

This is also the hearts of people looking for the original idea

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