Analysis | V8+ dynamic adjustment distribution box

- Apr 04, 2019-

V8+ dynamic adjustment distribution box

Gathering the power of JUNON for manufacturing distribution box for 30 years

Incorporate the new concept of "dynamic adjustment"

Reinterpret the new standard of the distribution box


V8+ distribution box is the new generation of V8 distribution box

There are three colors for your choice




And two installation methods

Surface mounting means wall mounting

Flush mounting means recessed installation

Different units can satisfy your different demands:

4 Way Distribution Box

7 Ways Distribution Box

10 Ways Distribution Board

13 Way Distribution Board

16 Ways Distribution Box

19 Ways Distribution Box

26 Ways Distribution Board

New standard: different material

The frame and cover

Using high quality PC material

Flame retardant, non-yellowing and high temperature resistant

Double zero wiring copper bars

Adopted H59 brass

With better conducts electricity

Adding PC insulating cover at the same time

Can eliminate the safety hazards

1.0mm thickness cold rolled steel bottom box

Or flame resistance ABS plastic bottom box

The box surface is with power coating treatment

Can be protection against moisture and rust prolongs the service life

New standard: different structure

Distribution box horizontal rotation adjustment design

But along the horizontal direction + - 10 ° rotating up and down

Easily adjust the position to avoid skew and keep the appearance

Large design space for 206mm ultra-wide bottom box

Incoming wire, wiring more easily

The edge of the bottom box adopts full folding design

Effectively increases the bottom box hardness and compressive strength

More durable

"Square cover circle" compound knock off holes design

Free selection of square hole or round hole during installation

Meet all kinds of wiring needs

New standard: different function

Innovative built-in level

Facilitate positioning and inspection of horizontal position

Easier installation

More convenient and more humanization


Depth lifting adjustment

Using the extension guide rail design

The guide rail always sticks to the wall

When embedded, the bottom box can be flat wall

Or less than 20mm below the wall


V8+ dynamic adjustment distribution box

Have a variety of specifications to meet user’s needs

Optional according to the actual situation


Technical parameters

Rated current:


Rated current

4   7


10   13


16  19  26  32  38


Rated voltage:


Rated frequency:


Protection level:


Open mode:

open up to 120 °

Resistance to fire and abnormal heat capacity:

650 ℃ / 30 seconds

 V8+ dynamic adjustment distribution box

Upgrading and adapting to the new information age

Leading the industry in new standards

"Material", "Function" and "Structure" are different

This is the brand power of JUNON

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