Analysis of distribution boxes and their wiring problems

- Feb 28, 2019-

Leakage protectors are installed in the main distribution box and switch box respectively to protect. Under normal circumstances, the electric equipment can only be wired from the switch box. In practice, some construction units use a certain electric equipment and distribution electric box. It is not safe to use the wiring in the direct distribution cluster directly.

In addition, according to the "Safety Code", the wire should be led from the pole to the distribution box. The pipe should be protected and piped from the bottom of the box. The upper end of the protection pipe should be made of waterproof elbow. The porcelain bottle wiring is introduced directly from above. The wire entry and exit box is not sheathed and there is no waterproof elbow.

This kind of practice is indispensable. At the same time on the construction site, we often see that the wiring is arbitrarily strong. The distribution box is usually unlocked or locked but the key is not managed by the person. Add protection tube, the length is not uniform, mess into a mess of power supply, the power cord is directly hooked on the knife switch = the wiring inside the box is not standardized, the wire cutting head is too long, the conductor is exposed, the "chicken claw line" phenomenon is serious in the box wiring and Electrical switch layout does not meet the requirements of the knife switch porcelain cover lost or the nut is not fully gated, even over the leakage protector directly connected to the knife switch under a leakage protector with multiple socket box residual wire head, residual melt gadget Wait, even the load line that has been removed from the accumulation of shoes, hats, food, etc. is still in the box, the bare wire is close to the switchgear, and the characteristics of the construction site lighting on the distribution box are different. Wide range, mobility, temporary, making the lighting management of the site lighting difficult, prone to accidents. In the wet places and accessible to the charged body, the lighting power supply voltage should not be greater than, using mobile In the case of lighting, the power supply voltage must not exceed and cannot be transformed by a self-propelled transformer. In the wet place, a closed type waterproof and dustproof device should also be used.