About JUNON’s V20 Multimedia Box

- May 01, 2019-

With the improvement of the living standard, the number of household appliances has gradually increased and problem of home wiring has also become a headache in life.

JUNON launched the V20 multimedia box, to solve the messy home wiring troubles, let you enjoy every moment of life happiness, become your life manager

Multimedia Box 

1. The appearance

Designed by the international top designer

Cover pattern “beating notes” which is fashion and lively

The hollow design of the cover facilitates the heat dissipation of the box

 2. The cover

Uses PC material which is fireproof and color will not change to be yellow, durable and beautiful

 3. Base box

Uses 1.0 thick cold-rolled steel  

Full folding design effectively improves the pressure resistance of the base box

 4. The box body

Dimensions are gradually becoming more standardized

Close to the industry standard of 400*300*120mm

The market module products are generally generic


The Four Standard Configurations

1. Fiber-optic fusion disc

Easy to install and the storage of wiring materials.

2. Built-in new ONU turntable

Convenient installation and placement of modern

3. Built-in water level meter

Multimedia Box Wholesale

 Easy to locate horizontal state easy to install, help you solve box tilt problem.

4. Antenna external wiring hole

Easy antenna connection

Effective 30% extension of coverage

Make the Wi-Fi signal stronger and more stable.


The Luxury Optional Configurations

1. Built-in plastic turnstile

V20 Multimedia Box 

Easy storage of internal equipment, convenient for modern external connection, more convenient, more convenient maintenance.


2. Built-in intelligent cooling fan

Multimedia Box inside 

Automatically adjust the temperature in the box

When the temperature in the box is higher than 40 centigrade, the fan starts working

When the temperature in the box is lower than 40 centigrade, the fan stops working


JUNON V20 Multimedia box

Users can freely match functional modules

You can also choose the official combination

Meeting the diverse needs of users

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