About JUNON C65 Circuit Breakers

- Nov 16, 2019-

About JUNON C65 Circuit Breakers


1. Extreme face curved contour, highlighting the charm of the curve.

2. Easy to operate, comfortable to handle inherited the second generation JMM series wide handle, humanized design.

3. Easy to distinguish the on-off state visual on-off indicator window is clear.

Red Means connected

Green means dis-connected.

4. Installation is simpler and more considerate, adding the direction of the length of the plug.

5. Less temperature rise, the use of more assured ventilation cooling slot design, effective reduction of temperature rise.


Overload protection, sensitive response when the current exceeds the rated data, through the bimetal plate when the heat release.

Short circuit protection, safety and timely trip through coil magnetic field response

When the zero-sequence transformer detects the leakage current imbalance, this information is reflected in the integrated block. After analyzing the unbalanced current, the integrated circuit instructs the leakage current release inside and triggers the locking action by magnetic attraction Disconnect the breaker.

Upgrade the C65

Higher segmentation ability longer electrical life

6000A 10000 Times

Once a month test button time detection whether leakage prevention in the future, security is reliable

Easy to identify the fault with the leakage indicator button if the trip, the button can be ejected, can be judged leakage something; if not ejected, check whether the household appliances overload or short circuit.