About cooker switch

- Feb 02, 2021-

About cooker switch

What is a cooker switch?

Cooker switch is also called bipolar switch, so-called bipolar switch is two rocker switches are also called double-pole switches. Bipolar switches can be simultaneously control two branches.


Cooker switch can cut off live line and neutral line at the same time, while ordinary switch generally only control the live wire. In comparison, the cooker switch is safer and is often used to control circuits with large power consumption.


Because the copper current carrying surface of the cooker switch is large and the terminal is large, so it can carry large current load, while the common switch has small copper part, so the flow surface is small. If the temperature rise is high when connected to a large current, it is easy to cause fire disaste


The biggest difference between the cooker switch and the dual control switch is the control circuit. The dual control switch is a switch with two contacts: normally open and normally closed point (that is a pair). Usually two dual control switches control one lights or other electrical appliances; and the cooker switch controls two branches, you can cut off the live line and the neutral line at the same time, it is safer to use.


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