A good terminal for switch and socket

- Nov 30, 2020-

A good terminal for switch and socket

Nowadays, the switch socket in the market is multifarious, the price is different, the quality is uneven also. Facing such a huge consumer market, how shall we choose? A socket has many parts, from the material to components are worth our exploration, today we will talk about the terminal.


Wiring terminal is the connection point between the wire and the switch socket, is a crucial part, if the wiring is not stable then it will easy to appear loose phenomenon, or because of poor contact and lead to safety hazards, so when buying the switch socket, we have to carry out a strict screening of the terminal. At present, there are mainly two types of U-shaped terminals and V-shaped terminals:


From the appearance, the U-shaped terminal is smooth, while the V-shaped terminal has obvious edges and corners.

A good terminal for swtich and socekt


From the wiring ability, the U-shaped terminal has a little defect, that is, the thin wire is easy to loose, and the V-shaped terminal can connect the wire of different sizes at the same time, the stability is not loose and shift.


Although the switch socket in the market generally uses U-shaped terminal, but through observation we found that the stability of V-shaped terminal is better than the U-shaped terminal, safety performance is also higher than it. So in the selection of switch socket, we have to try to buy the V-shaped terminal switch and socket, not only capacity line space, but also wiring stability, firm and tight.