5 Traits of A JUNON Electrical Switch That You Must Consider

- Nov 23, 2019-

5 Traits of A JUNON Electrical Switch That You Must Consider


The switches we had been using since years only served the purpose of being a switch, but the JUNON electrical switches have amazing benefits and traits that many of us may not be aware of. So, in this article, we will be telling you 65 traits of a JUNON electrical switch socket that you must consider.


1) Safety comes first

JUNON Electrical switches are all about keeping our life hazard free, thus, in these switches safety always comes first. We have mentioned some safety measures that were considered before making electrical switches:

Safety shutter sockets

JUNON Switches have safety shutter sockets, these sockets close automatically when not in use. These sockets prevent hazards and are best to use if you have kids in the home.

5 traits of A JUNON electrical switch that you must consider 1

2) Soft switching mechanism

• Soft operation with effortless clicks

Now, no hard press or effort is required while clicking the switch buttons. JUNON electrical switches have come up with soft switching rocker mechanism which makes the operation soft, smooth and easy.

• No humming noises in FAN Regulator

In the switches, we used previously, an irritating humming sound used to produce every time we click the switch button. But with the help of soft switching mechanism in smart switches, you won’t hear any humming noise even if you click the switch 10 times in a go.


3) Easy installation

JUNON Switches come with affront loading installation pack of a switch, mount plate, screws and one need to assemble it to install the switch. By this, you can easily remove or load a specific part of the switch if it is damaged and you won’t have to change the entire switchboard, which makes it easier to install the switch.


4) Excellent aesthetics

JUNON Electrical switches have excellent aesthetics. These switches come in various designs and look astonishing.

• Sleek mounting plates

The sleek and designer mounting plates give a modern touch to the home. These switches do not look odd on the wall, instead, it makes the wall and décor look more beautiful.

5 traits of A JUNON electrical switch that you must consider 2 


5) UV rays resistant properties

JUNON switches are UV rays protected. If JUNON electrical switches are placed outside, in the direction of the sun, then it won’t have cracks or will not melt as these switches are made of a brilliant quality material, hence are durable.

• Flame retardant polycarbonate

The accessories used in the JUNON switches are made of polycarbonate, which makes the switchboard flame retardant. Thus, the switches won’t catch fire easily and are beneficial to prevent electrical hazards.

5 traits of A JUNON electrical switch that you must consider 3

So, these were the 5 traits of a JUNON electrical switch that you must consider. And if you would like to switch to JUNON switch, welcome to contact us. Website: www.junlang.com or www.junonelectrical.com