4 tips on Lighting for Your Home

- Aug 16, 2020-

4 tips on Lighting for Your Home

4 tips on lighting for your home 1

Hi, below 4 practical tips for choosing LED lamp for your home:

1. Appearance selection

First of all, according to the decoration style of your home, choose the style of the lamp. Generally, the simple decoration room chooses the simple ceiling lamp with simple structure; the European decoration is suitable for the chandelier candle lamp, etc.; the Chinese style decoration is mostly decorated with lantern or solid wood. Ceiling-type luminaires.


2. Choice of light source

The light source is recommended to use energy-saving lamps or LED light sources, incandescent lamps. High power consumption and short lifetime, not recommended. Here is a suggestion, it is best to use LED light source is more appropriate, relatively speaking, LED life is longer, the light is softer and energy saving, the damage to the eyes will be much lower. Specific requirements can be found in the table below, or refer to this formula: illuminance = total luminous flux / area * optical loss coefficient.

4 tips on lighting for your home 2

4 wattage LED Bulbs are customized for different room sizes
Applicable to 3-6 square metersSuitable for 5-10 square metersSuitable for 7-14 square metersSuitable for 9-18 square meters

3. The choice of light color.

Also, according to the decoration style of the home, the light color of the LED lamp is selected, and the white light or the daily light is used for the simple decoration; the warm light is used for the European decoration and the Chinese style decoration. It is recommended that European or Chinese style decoration be arranged with white or daily spot lights or down lights around the warm light to prevent the illumination from being too low and affecting the eyesight.

4 tips on lighting for your home 3

4. Comfort choice

Try not to use fluorescent or white light in the light of the living room. You should use yellow warm light. The color of the spotlight should be in harmony with the theme of the living room. You can choose warm lighting, which will make the living room more warm and sweet.

4 tips on lighting for your home 4

The kitchen should be cooled with a cool white light. Ceiling lights and recessed lights are suitable for installation in a bath or workbench to provide sufficient light.

The study lamp is suitable for soft light. Too bright or too glaring is not conducive to the reader's concentration and comfort.

4 tips on lighting for your home 5

Above 4 tips, hope it will be help for you for choosing LED lamp, JUNON with 36 years’ experience on manufacturing of switch and socket, distribution box and LED lights, if you want to know more detail of our products, please contact us feely.