Electric Distribution Board

Series: C6 series
MOQ: 500pcs
Standard: IEC, ISO
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C

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Electric Distribution Board


Quick Details

Series: C6 series (NEW)

Size: 8units, 12units, 16units, 20units, 24units, 32units and 36 units

Type: PC frame+ PC door, Gray Color ABS Base box

         ABS frame + PC door, Red Color HIPS Base Box

Din Rail Material: 1.0mm galvanized steel sheet

Patent Number: CN201830774521.1

Cover Color Option: White + Gray, White + White, White + Yellow

IP Rating: Level IP30

Opening Way: left-right open way (open upward 180︒)

MOQ: 500 PCS per size

Standard: IEC, ISO

Payment Terms: T/T or L/C

Production Time: within 45 days after received advance

Applicable Standard: IEC 60670-1, IEC 60670-24


Special Features:

Diamond cutting design • Decorative beautiful living home: The cover is designed with 3D diamond cutting concept to enjoy the trend aesthetic experience


Dynamic adjustment, easy positioning: built-in level meter, easy to position horizontal state; adjustable guide rail depth, always attached to the wall, easy to operate


Composite knock-out hole, all-round incoming line: the metal bottom box is reserved for round hole, round hole and elliptical hole to realize all-round incoming line.


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Shipping & Delivery

Provide Service: EXW, FOB, Door to Door

Accept Order: FCL, LCL

Shipment is available by sea, by air or by truck


Support Policy:

When the order in full container, we will provide some promotion gifts like display board, T-shirt, Paper cup etc. Or we can give you some refund or bonus end of the year when you achieve our annual sales assignment which we agreed.



Q: Do you do export business only?

A: No, our main market is China, export business account for about 40%. 


Q: Can I get a sample for test before place order?

A: Of course! We would like to provide the samples for your checking and testing


Q: What's the Lighting distribution box guarantee?
A: More than 10 years warranty. If customer's problem, then customer burden. If it is our    problem, then we send new goods to customer to replace as soon as possible.  


Electric Distribution Board are useful

Use a electric distribution board that you don’t have to connect each output device directly to the power source. This streamlines the circuit, and makes it more efficient by saving you from having to use any more wires than strictly necessary (therefore saving energy). As well as saving on possible power wastage, having fewer physical wires to deal with also makes the environment safer for staff and visitors. Wires can present a major tripping hazard, and have a nasty habit of getting snagged on things. The fewer of them you need, the better!


Also, the electric distribution boards are especially helpful in larger circuits. This is because their modular construction provides an easy and effective way to increase the scalability of the circuit, which makes them invaluable for big events like festivals, concerts, weddings and sports events.

To get more details for our electric distribution boards or other electrical products, please do not hesitate to contact us. (wendy@junlang.com)


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