Best Media Box

Model No.: MB20-7UH
Series: V20 series
MOQ: 500pcs

Product Details

Best Media Box


The V20 series Best Media Box is a home information access box developed to adapt to the trend of optical fiber entry. It can meet the needs of home television, telephone, computer, audio and video, security and other weak electrical signal access and effective distribution management.


The V20 series multimedia box is generally provided in an empty box and is compatible with the functional module with a hole distance of 215mm on the market. The recommended width of the module is 1U = 25mm.


This product is a dark model, walled installation, consisting of three parts: face cover, mask and bottom box. The face mask material is PC, the bottom box material is cold-rolled steel plate(surface powder), and the bottom box built-in module is installed with a foot rail., two or three small rows inserted, Optical fiber fusion disc box ONU support, can be selected for smart cooling fan box plastic turntable.


This product is divided into three types according to size: 5U, 7U, and 9U, which represent the standard modules that can be installed in the box with 5, 7, and 9 modules.


We have gained the patent for this series, patent number: ZL201730050956.7and ZL201730187328.3


Basic Information

SeriesV20 series
NameBest Media Box
Model No.MB20-7UH
InstallationFlush Mounted.( In-wall installation)
Base box size400x300x120mm
Cover size430x325x140mm
Module No.7U
MaterialBase box: metal , cover : PC

Product Image


Product structure description


Material: PC

2.Plastic rollover(optional)

Material: PC+ABS


Material: PC

4.Module mounting rail

Material: Cold rolled steel

5.Base box

Material: Cold rolled steel

6.New ONU rollover

Material: Cold rolled steel

7.2 & 3 Pin socket

8.Smart cooling fan(optional)

9.Fiber-optic fusion disc


V20 Best Media Box / product function

6 major innovative functions, just for the perfect user experience.


1. Plastic rollover

The built-in plastic rollover is easy to adjust the internal equipment and alignment, convenient for the Modem external connection, convenient maintenance.

2 .Wi-Fi antenna external Jack

Convenient antenna connection, Wi-Fi signal is stronger and more stable.

3 .Built-in level meter

Easy to locate horizontal state

4. New ONU rollover

The built-in new ONU rollover is convenient for Modem installation.

5. Smart cooling fan

Intelligent cooling fan, automatically adjust the temperature in the box to ensure the stable operation of Modem.

6 .Fiber-optic fusion disc

Built-in fiber fusion disc, convenient fiber installation and wiring storage, simple and convenient.


V20 multimedia cabling box / 5U standard

5U standard combination

 (Note: This combination does not include external antenna extension line accessories, which need to be purchased separately)


1 Wireless Routing Antenna

2 Module mounting rail

3 2 & 3 Pin socket

4 Cold rolled steel base box

5 Cooling Cover

6 Five Wireless Routing Modules

7 Dual output power supply module

8 Two sets of 1 in & 4 out telephone modules

9 1 in & 4 out TV modules

10 level meter

11 Fiber-optic fusion disc

12 ONU rollover


V20 Best Media Box

5U standard empty box(Model No. MB20-5US)

Product Configuration

1 Built-in 5U module mounting rail

2 Built-in 2 & 3 Pin socket

3 Built-in fiber-optic fusion disc

4 Built-in ONU rollover


V20 multimedia cabling box 

5U standard combination (model: MB20-5UA)

Product Configuration


1 5U standard empty box body

2 Five-port wireless router module

3 Dual output power supply module

4 Two sets of 1 in & 4 out telephone modules

5 1 in & 4 out TV modules


5U standard box body size (in mm)  

Installation: Flush Mounting

Base Box Size:350*300*100

Outline Size:380*325*120


Pay Attention

1. The Multimedia Wiring Distribution Box should be protected from corrosive gases or liquids.

2. The cable should be at least 60cm in the bottom box (calculated from the entry hole).

3. Before and after threading, it is necessary to test the continuity of each core of all cables.

4. Considering the heat generated by the equipment in the multimedia box, ensure that the heat dissipation holes on the weak box cover are not blocked.


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