Jobsite Power Box

MOQ: 500pcs
Payment: T/T, L/C
Trade mark: JUNON/OME
Place of Origin: Shunde, China

Product Details

Jobsite Power Box

JUNON V8+ series Jobsite Power Box

The box includes cover, frame, base box, guide rail, neutral
copper bar and earth copper bar, tag slip and cover lock.


The Construction Advantages of the box

1.  Distribution box horizontal rotation adjustment design, rotate horizontally up and down +-10°. Easily adjust position, avoid skew, keep beautiful

2.  206mm ultra wide bottom box design space is large, incoming, wiring, and wiring are easier

3.  The bottom edge of the case is fully folded. Effectively increase the hardness and compressive strength of the bottom box. More rugged and durable

4.  "Square round" composite knockout hole design. Free choice of square or round holes during installation. Meet all kinds of wiring needs


Product Specification

Frame + doorFire resistance PC,V20
Base BoxPlastic or Metal
Rated voltages220V and 380V
Doora ColorTransparent Gray, Transparent Yellow and white
TerminalsGrounding terminal and Neutral terminal
With Bus barYES
Product sizes2 Modules to 38 Modules
PackageColor box and 5 layer brown Outer box
H.S CODE85389000


Products image


Package and Loading

Each Jobsite Power Box with a color box then pack in 5 layer outer carton

We would like to pastes the bar code on the product, color box and outer carton if the customer need .


Our Services

We supply OEM/ODM services, we can make packing, labels, silk printed logos as per customer's requirement.


We have own R&D team and can make new molds by our own company, any sizes and specifications can be made as per customers' requirements.

To get more details for our Jobsite Power Box or other electrical products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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