Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way

Model No.:DX18-A09TWB
Trade Mark:JUNON /OEM
Origin:Guangdong China
Number Of Ways:7-9
MOQ: 500pcs

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Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way

The new range of Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way allows almost any type of electrical distribution system to be implemented in industrial, commercial and residential environments. The consumer units are manufactured in a halogen-free thermoplastic which is completely recyclable. The range includes solutions with transparent or opaque doors which open up to 180°, and a choice of between 4 and 38 units, meeting the most recent regulatory requirements and ensuring an enormous variety of application types are covered.



NameElectrical Consumer Unit 9 Way
Model NoDX18-A09TWB
Number Of Ways7-9
InstallationFlush Mounted
Base Box Material1.0 Cold Rolling Sheet
Rated Voltage230/400v~
Current Rating100A
Trade MarkJUNON /OEM
International Protection RatingIP30
Transport Package8 PCS/CTN
Origin Guangdong China
HS Code85389000

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Structure Diagram

Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way1


Installing a Consumer Unit 

All the cables and connections in your consumer unit need to be checked and tested by a qualified electrician, and you should not remove or replace your unit if you are not qualified to proper regulatory standards. That said, the basics of installation can be handy to learn if you need to identify any problems, and it always helps qualified professionals to have something to turn to.

1. Firstly, make sure you disconnect the power supply, then review the following simple diagram outlining the basic setup of a split load board and take heed of the following basic instructions for connections.

Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way2

2. The mains double pole isolating switch is clipped into place along the DIN bar using separate teeth of the bus bar. The MCBs are then inserted themselves, and the bus bar is then placed into the live terminal at the bottom, thereby providing a live feed to all the MCBs and to all the circuits across your property that they control.

3. The live and neutral wires come into the main double pole switch from your electricity meter. Taken together, these two cables are referred to as ‘tails’; their size will vary, which is just one reason why it should be considered so important for consumer units to be fitted by professional electricians. The earth cable also extends from the meter, but this cable will be screwed into the earth terminal block as opposed to the mains switch.

4. A circuit cable can then be introduced to the consumer unit. The live cable is fixed into the top of an MCB, while the neutral cable is screwed into the RCD neutral terminal block. The earth cable is then fed into the consumer unit and connected up to the appropriate MCB.

Again, it must be stressed that these instructions should only be followed by a certified electrician. Trying to install or rewire your own consumer unit without proper certification is not a step you can take; beyond the legal ramifications, you will put yourself at risk of shock and possibly put your property in danger by accidently removing proper safeguards.

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Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way1

Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way2

Electrical Consumer Unit 9 Way3


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