Electrical Junction Box Plastic

Model No.: DX18-A04TWB
Trade Mark: JUNON /OEM
Mechanical Life: 10 years
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
MOQ: 500pcs

Product Details

Electrical Junction Box Plastic


JUNON’s C6 series Electrical Junction Box Plastic provide the capability to house more breakers in less space than others in the industry, up to practical physical limitations such as standard box heights and widths. They offer a standardized, cost-effective design that is easy to specify and install.


Quick Detail

Name of the goodsPlastic Junction Box
Model No.DX18-A04TWB
Number Of Ways2-4 Ways
Type of Base boxFlush Mounted
Rated Voltage230/400V~
Current Rating125A
Bus bar current100A
Trade MarkJUNON /OEM
International Protection RatingIP30
Opening WayOpen Sideward 180°
Fire Resistant And Abnormal Heat Capacity650℃/30s(real wall installation)
Full range: 4 way, 8way, 12 way,16 way,20 way,24 way,32 way and 36 ways

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Core Features

Provides flush or surface mounted, and fully or series rated options

Offers cold rolled steel base box or plastic base box options

Includes Neutral & earth copper bar and built-in gradienter

Offers HIPS,ABS or PC three kinds of different level plastic options

The consumer units are seismically tested, qualified, and exceed requirements of the international standard


Package and Loading

DescriptionPCS/CTNCarton Size
4 ways20 pcs52.5x34.0x39.0 cm
8 ways10 pcs55.5x44.5x26.7 cm
12 ways10 pcs56.5x48.5x33.9 cm
16 ways5 pcs56.5x40.5x25.3 cm
20 ways5 pcs56.5x47.7x25.3 cm
24 ways5 pcs56.5x33.3x38.5 cm
32 ways5 pcs56.5x37.7x42.3 cm
36 ways4 pcs50.8x45.2x33.8 cm

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