Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distribution Box

Model No.: DX12-B0024A
Unit:20- 24way, double rows
Series: V12 series
MOQ: 300pcs

Product Details

Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distribution Box

Distribution box make an essential part of any circuitry in your homes, offices or any other place. They serve an important purpose and cannot be ignored at any cost. One of the most important devices, they make sure that the current is properly distributed to all the devices allowing proper functioning. This also makes sure that none of the devices suffer from the effects of over currents or short circuits. JUNON Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distribution Box one kind of DB at amazing prices and very good quality, buy it and get protection delivered to your home without any hassle.


Quick Details

Series: V12 series

Name: Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distribution Box

Model No.: DX12-B0024A

Unit:20- 24way, double rows

Installation: Flush Mounted.

Rated Voltage: 230V/400V

Rated current: 100A 

Rated frequency:   60Hz

IP rating: IP30

MOQ: 300pcs

Package: 5pcs/carton, 565*490*260mm


Fire resistence:650℃/30s

Ambient temperature(℃):-5~+40,50%humidity permitted under max +40℃
Storage temperature(℃):-40~+75


Product Image

Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distritbution Box (5)

Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distritbution Box (1)


Product Structure And Material

CoverPC Plastic
Connecting TerminalsH59 Brass
Shell Of Terminal BarPA66 Plastic
Guide Rail1.0mm Cold Rolled Plate
Base Box1.2mm Cold Rolled Plate
Cover LockPC Plastic

Product Features

1. Large Space

The large space can hide the wiring line easily and ensure the electrical safe distance.

2. Easy Wiring

Movable guide rail plate can be put out of the box for wiring, unlimited by the space within the box. The panel can be adjusted to a level position with an ellipse hole in the guide rail plate, which make the installation more flexible.

3. Easy Adjustment

Innovative function of free adjustment enables the distribution box to adjust its height and depth freely baser on the outside wall. To add the balance bar inside can make the plate in vertical and solid during the installation

4. Easy Identification

The separate tags on circuit breaker make the wiring instruction clearly and easy to identify for searching and future maintenance.

5. Sealed Connection

Earth and N are both connected in a sealed way which is fastened in the distribution box, it can make the overall layout more tidy.

6. Automatic Opening

Automatic push button can make the door open and close easily.

Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distribution Box1


Color options

We have three colors for choice (frame +cover)

1. White frame +Yellow cover

2. White frame +Gray cover

3. White frame +White cover

Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distribution Box2


More Sizes for choosing

4-6 units distribution box (one row)

7-9 units distribution box (one row)

10-12 units distribution box (one row)

14-16 units distribution box (one row)

17-19 units distribution box (one row)

20-24 units distribution box (two rows)

28-32 units distribution box (two rows)

34-38 units distribution box (two rows)


Why To Choose

1. Fire prevention materials, high quality copper pieces, environmental recyclable material. 

2. Each piece will be tested before packing, product quality is guaranteed.

3. Quality certificates such as CCC, CE, CB, SASO.

4. OEM&ODM provided here.

Iron Bottom Plastic Cover Distribution Box1

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