AC Circuit Breaker Box

Series: V11 series
Name: AC Circuit Breaker Box
Model No.: DX11-A16-2
Unit: 16 way (2X8)
MOQ: 500pcs

Product Details

AC Circuit Breaker Box


AC Circuit Breaker Box is the main electrical supply system for any commercial or residential entity. The main cable comes into the box and then gets distributed in the secondary circuits such as lights and plugs or other appliances via breakers. For optimal performance of every device, it is necessary to maintain a proper power distribution and is crucial for home and appliance safety.


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AC Circuit Breaker BOX (2)

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Quick Details

Series: V11 series

Name: AC Circuit Breaker Box

Model No.: DX11-A16-2

Unit: 16 way (2X8)

Installation: Flush Mounted.

Rated Voltage: 230V/400V

Rated current: 100A

Rated frequency:   50/60Hz

AC Circuit Breaker BOX 4


Installation Instruction

1. Fix unit to the wall: Open the front panel of the cover, fix the base of the distribution board into the recess in the wall.

2. Fix the incoming device: If the unit is supplied with a separate incoming device (isolator or RCCB), fix this device on the right side of the din rail. Connect the neutral link to this device on the bottom right terminal of the isolator.

3. Fix the circuit breakers: Fix all the required circuit breakers onto the din-rail. It is important to clearly mark the circuit identification on the slots provided in the cover of the distribution board.

4. Install the bus bar: Undo the bottom terminal screws on all MCBs and the live terminal of the isolator and/or RCD. Insert the bus bar into the terminal cages. Ensure that the bus bar is fully inserted and then tighten all the terminal screws adequately.

5. Testing and commissioning: Before the distribution board and the installation of which it forms a part are commissioned they must be tested, in accordance with the requirements of the current edition of requirements for electrical installation published jointly by the British Standard Institute and the Institution of Electrical Engineers.


Product Features
1. Designs of super-large and clear luminous bars, soft and elegant outline.
2. Humanized circuitry symbols, printed display of control circuit breaker, clear and elegant.
3. The guide-rail shoe plate has round hole, it is able to regulate the cover of box MCB to level position.

4. With flash Recessed Iron bottom and metal cover


About OEM

1. Different thickness for your selection:0.8mm, 1.0mm (default), 1.2mm,1.5mm

2. We are glad to print your logo on the Construction Power Distribution Box

3. The series products are made of standard cold-rolled steel and use powder-coating techniques to process the crust. Finish over rust protected steel enclosure for lasting durability. The distribution box fit for surface and flush installation.

4. Packaging: Brown (default) or colorful packaging

5. Complete production according to customers’ drawings



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A: Yes, we will attend every Canton Fair, and one year one or two times exhibitions in other countries.

2.Q: How long have your company been founded?

A: Our company established in year 1983, already 36 years’ experience till now.

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AC Circuit Breaker BOX 2

AC Circuit Breaker BOX 3


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