Metal Distribution Box

Model No.: DX8-A13TW
Material : Metal base box and PC plastic frame
Cover colour: White/Grey/Yellow
MOQ: 500pcs
Package: 5pcs/ctn
Base box size: 310*206*80mm

Product Details

Metal Distribution Box

Product description:

V8+ series, 13 way

Model No.: DX8-A13TW

Mounting type: Flush Mounted.

Material : Metal base box and PC plastic frame.

Rated current: 100A 

Cover colour: White/Grey/Yellow

MOQ: 500pcs

Package: 5pcs/ctn

Base box size: 310*206*80mm

Carton dimension:   54.5*36*26cm


13 Way Metal Distribution Box

Innovative Built-in gradienter: combine more than 30 years distribution box manufacturing experience of JUNON. Apply gradienter innovatively to distribution box, more convenience and humanization. It’s easy to locate the horizontal state, at a glance, easy installation does not ask for help. At the same time, the level can be easily removed after installation, for the horizontal positioning of the frame, calligraphy and painting, to achieve a variety of uses.


V8+ series metal distribution box Size:            


Way Rated Current
4,7 63A
10,13 100A
16,19,26,32,38 125A

V8+ Series metal distribution box Functional Features:

▲Stylish, unique and elegant appearance design

▲Detachable liquid gradienter placed at the front of the panel

▲Extended rail fixed to the wall, designed to maintain reasonable height from the bottom and match with the cover

▲Bigger space enclosure (206mm in width) designed for ease of wiring and maintenance, to leave safe distance among the electrical device

▲Double neutral copper bar for safer operation

▲Adding square-sized mounting hole together with the round shape hope cater for different conditions

Specifications Materials
Series:V8+ Distribution Box Base box: PC/1.2 Cold rolled steel
Standards:GB17466-1998 Cover & Panel: PC
Rated Voltage:230V/400V Cover Panel: White PC
Rated Current: Max 125A Neutral Copper Bar: Brass
Protection Grade:IP30 Earth Copper Bar: Brass
Door opening: upward 120 degree Rail: Cold rolled steel
Numbers of MCB:4WAY-38WAY Label: Transparent PC

Fireproof and heat-resistance

Ability of PCmaterial:650℃/30s
Mounting Type: Flush or Surface


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