1 Pole MCB

Model No.: J65163C
MOQ: 5000 poles
Warranty: 20000 times
Payment Terms: L/C or T/T or other terms

Product Details

1 Pole MCB

The principle of a 1 pole MCB: As long as there is a short circuit, the switch will jump into a loop. When a short circuit or severe overload current occurs on the line, the short circuit current exceeds the instantaneous detaching fixed current value, and the electromagnetic detaching device produces sufficient suction force to suck the tie-iron and hit the lever, so that the hook rotates upwards around the shaft seat and the lock buckle is off. The lock buckle disconnects the three main contacts and cuts off the power supply under the action of the recoil spring. When the line is generally overloaded, the overload current can not make the electromagnetic detaching device move, but it can make the heat element produce a certain amount of heat, cause the bimetallic sheet to bend upwards, push the lever to detach the hook and the lock, and cut off the main contact., cut off the power supply.

Product Image:

1 Pole MCB 4

1 Pole MCB 5

Brief Introduction:

Name: 1 Pole MCB

Series: J65 series

Current: from 6A to 100A

Breaking Capacity: 6KA

MOQ: 5000 poles

Warranty: 20000 times

Payment Terms: L/C or T/T or other terms can be discussed

Port: Shunde, Guangdong

Delivery time: within 30 days after deposit received

Shipping way: by FCL or LCL or by air for small and urgent order



Each MCB in a blister bag

10 pcs in a color box

120 pcs in a master carton

Carton Size: 45x25x20 cm


Product Advantages:

1. Breaking capacity: 6A-40A: 6KA, 50-100A: 6KA

2. Mechanical life: 20000 times ( normal one is 10000 times)

3. Electrical life: 10000 times ( normal one is 4000 times)

4. 5 rivets for fixing( normal one 4 rivets )

To know more about the factory of 1 pole MCB:

The factory image:

1 Pole MCB 1

1 Pole MCB 2

1 Pole MCB 3

The cooperation partners and certificates we have:

1 Pole MCB 4

1 Pole MCB 5


A. About the MCB factory, the Strong Productive Capacity:

1) The factories covers area of 68000m² of Leliu Head office and 80000m²of Jun an branch factory.

2) We have total 2000 employees, and about 100 of them are for research, 100 of them are for quality control.

3) Production capability:

Switch & socket : 800,000 to 1,000,000 pcs per month

Distribution box: 300,000 pcs per month

Distribution board: 30,000 pcs per month

LED lights: 35,000 pcs per month

4) Total production line: 36 lines

5) Total injection machine: 81 pcs

6) Total punching machine: 124 pcs

7) Automatic machine : 130 pcs

8) Testing machine: 30 pcs

9) Dustless workshop equipment: 86 pcs


For more information about the 1 pole MCB as well as JUNON factory and its products, please feel free to contact us by email or wechat or facebook, we will feedback you within 24 hours.

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